About Us

GeekerMart (belongs to Geeker Group Limited) was established due to the arising demand of secure, fast, easy, responsible, responsive and heartful online shopping service. Our vision is to win your maximum satisfaction on these six critical assets of a truly awesome online shopping portal; that facilitates your speedy access to thousands of products and their latest information, and easy buying by simply tapping on your mobile phone or computer, anytime and anywhere.

In GeekerMart, we display vast categories of products, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and wearables, cameras, smart gadgets for audio & visual entertainment/health/lifestyle/Sports & Outdoors, home appliances, sports gear and the like. They are elaborately collected from different brands and regions of the world, in terms of their quality, popularity, and innovation.

We are located in and started from Hong Kong, one of the sophisticated cities that obtains first product launch from various manufacturers, with good logistic services, efficient payment gateways safeguarded by lawful systems.  GeekerMart could ensure you an impressive shopping experience with the most convenient buying, proper delivery, and after-sales services.

Our services cover most of the areas throughout the world; and we are expanding our point of contact to other regions which include Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Korea and Japan.

Other than B2C eCommerce business, Geeker Group has been focusing on brand product distribution, trading, corporate/project sales and End-to-End eCommerce solutions.  We do very welcome the approach of any manufacturers, dealers, retailers, online sellers and corporate of different fields for potential business co-operation.  Please feel free to contact us by email sales@geekergroup.com or call +852-91981984